To My Unborn Child

To My Unborn Child,

Good luck.

Good luck dealing with your worrisome mother

Who’ll make a big deal out of small issues like scraping your knee,

Or losing your teeth.

Good luck with making friends.

The right friends,

Who’ll look out for you no matter what.

The types of friends that you consider family because you love them so much.

Good luck with school.

If you’re anything like your father you’ll probably hate school,

And start watching television shows that give you ideas about dropping out

And becoming a meth dealing kingpin.

Just stick it out.

Remember education is important,

And I know you’ll be smarter than me.

Intelligence is key,

But don’t forget to pray for wisdom.

Speaking of wisdom,

Good luck with your journey of figuring out who God is to you.

I can only give you an idea of who he is to me,

But you must find him for yourself.

And once/if you ever find him,

Pray for Peace.

Peace that surpasses all understanding.

My miniature me,

Good luck with life.

Don’t ever let this world knock you down.

Get back up and keep fighting, Craig (I’ll let you watch Friday when you’re old enough).

Remember that everything is mental.

What your mind can believe, your behind can achieve – words from my old man –

Sidenote: He tells horrible jokes. Don’t laugh at the jokes, you’re just egging him on to tell more lame jokes

Finally, Good luck with loving me.

I’ll probably do some things that you’ll despise,

But I’m only doing them because I care.

It’s my prayer that you’re nothing like me,

But ten times better than me.

Good luck finding the love of your life and raising your own kids.

I pray they’re better than you,

Which will keep this never ending cycle of great Jacksons to roam this earth alive.

To my unborn child,

Good luck.! 

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Going through old pictures and I found this picture I took when I back in the Chi during the summertime. I love summertime Chi. Beautiful city. 
Rob Ford… lol 

Banks & Bryant
Bring me back to those sunny, carefree days xx photo cred: @cocojoe10 Joe Brooks Photography

This one is called “the Debt”
I listen to Kanye just about everyday, but now I have a reason to. 10 year anniversary of College Dropout. Kanye IS a musical genius.
It’s kinda sad and disheartening that black people only get fired up for race issues that occur in national news, but stories that don’t make CNN or Fox get swept under the rug. If we got fired up for Trayvon, we should definitely get fired up for 17 year old Jordan Davis that was murdered for “blasting his music too loud.” My heat goes out to his family and friends as Michael Dunn’s trial starts within the next few days. #JusticeforJordan #RIPJordan.

Gisele Bündchen & Daft Punk by Terry Richardson For WSJ Magazine November 2013

Daft Punk for Vogue.